The Netflix for Knowledge

Staying up-to-date in our fast-changing world is tough, with so much information coming at us. That’s where Futurwise jumps in.

Think of us as your ‘Netflix for Knowledge’. We sift through the noise to find high-quality, trustworthy content, then wrap it up in personalized, daily multilingual digests that hit the spot—whether you’re into reading, listening, or watching.

We democratize access to knowledge, regardless of background or expertise, while offering publishers a new scalable revenue stream.

Join Futurwise, and let’s unravel the world’s stories, one personalized insight at a time.

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Hyper-personalized Daily Digests

Tailoring the world’s knowledge to your persona, with hyper-personalized content that breaks language barriers and revolutionizes your learning journey. Where your curiosity meets our innovation in knowledge curation.




Digital Dialogue: Improve Your Knowledge

The Digital Dialogue is available to all users free of charge. When users consume their daily digest, they have the opportunity to dive deeper into what they have just consumed, using a dialogue with the Futurwise AI. The dialogue automatically matches the user’s tone of voice, writing style and language. The user’s conversation with the AI help grow the users’ knowledge and the AI will remember past conversations. For organisations, the Digital Dialogue offers a unique competitive advantage, by involving all employees in their innovation program.

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At Futurwise, we’re not just delivering information; we’re revolutionizing how it’s received and understood. By leveraging advanced hyper-personalization techniques, we tailor content to individual personas, ensuring that our global audience, including 6.5 billion non-English speakers, can overcome information overload.

Our platform goes beyond language translation, offering content that resonates with personal styles, preferences, and expertise levels. Simultaneously, we’re committed to introducing a sustainable revenue model for publishers, fostering an ecosystem where quality content thrives amidst AI advancements.

Hyper-personalization screenshot
Hyper-personalization screenshot
Futurwise for Enterprise

Futurwise For Enterprise

All employees within an organization should be educated on new technologies. As Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, says, “This is basic digital literacy to run a company and be good.”

That’s where Futurwise comes in. We offer organizations the tools to ensure all employees are up-to-date with and understand the latest tech developments. Our hyper-personalized digests and Digital Dialogue are designed to foster a culture of innovation across every level of an organization, ensuring that digital transformation is not just an ideal but a tangible reality.

Moreover, at Futurwise, we recognize the power of leadership in driving change. That’s why we offer a unique service for enterprises: daily digests authored in the CEO’s own digital voice and image. This innovative approach guarantees a sustained, engaging connection between the CEO and employees, enhancing digital literacy and fostering a culture of open strategy and co-creation.

Our platform isn’t just about staying current; it’s about shaping a future where technology uplifts, empowers, and unites entire organizations in the quest for digital excellence.

Futurwise For Publishers

Futurwise is reshaping the publishing industry with a Netflix-esque approach to content. Our curated, hyper-personalized articles come with a commitment to fairly compensating creators, fostering a responsible AI-influenced media landscape that prioritizes substance over sensationalism – quality over clicks.

Our approach fosters collaboration over competition, initially sourcing diverse content organically. We are dedicated to progressing towards fair licensing, ensuring all contributors are duly recognized and rewarded in the evolving knowledge economy.

We also bolster small and local publishers by supplying high-caliber, long-form articles at no cost, balancing this with discreet advertising for mutual benefit. This model enriches publishers’ offerings, enhances our reach, rewards creators, and ensures readers access quality, engaging content. In this ecosystem, the entire chain from creation to consumption flourishes on the shared value of knowledge; a positive-sum game.

Futurwise For Advertisers

Futurwise is developing a vast network of small and local publishers spanning various geographies, demographics, and languages. This network forms the backbone of our strategy to revolutionize content distribution and advertising. By integrating advertisements into personalized, high-quality AI-generated content, we enable advertisers to directly reach highly engaged readers across the globe.

This approach offers a unique proposition: the ability to deliver ads seamlessly within AI-synthesized content that is tailored to the specific context of each local publisher. This method ensures that advertisements are not only relevant but also resonate more effectively with diverse audiences. The result is a model that drives real, measurable results across a vast network of publishers, offering a new level of precision and effectiveness in global advertising.